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Reporting from Fashion Week backstage SS19, we have the latest hair trends from some of the biggest shows in London. Get next season’s hair looks with our star products, straight from backstage at Fashion Week. 

Alexa Chung Super-relaxed glamour

Alex Brownsell


The Look:

Super-relaxed glamour that’s not grungy or polished, but somewhere in-between.


The How-to:

· Prep wet hair with Tecni.ART Liss Control gel-cream through the ends if the hair is slightly dry or needs taming.

· Spray on Tecni.ART Pli to help set the hair

· Dry in the product on a high heat/low speed setting to help mould the hair as you’re drying.

· Using your hands only, use a trio of sculpting techniques randomly through the hair: twisting, scrunching, and wrapping around fingers to emulate a barrel wave.

· Create a faux but subtle cowlick at the front (or side) of the hair, using a net and Tecni.ART Pli to set the detail.

· Take a tiny amount of Tecni.ART Liss Control+ serum onto fingers and apply to the ends for a bit of polish.

· Use a nylon hairbrush to brush over the top layer of hair for subtle 70s ‘frizz’ texture.

· Spritz NEW Infinium Pure soft hold gently over the hair to finish.


The Pro Tip:

It’s all in the setting and sculpting with your hands. Dry the hair super-slowly and vary freestyle techniques, like weaving hair through your fingers. You’ll achieve that effortless cool girl texture - minus the heated styling tools.

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ERDEM TheVictorian braid

Anthony Turner


The Look:

An inclusive model line-up. A pretty but strict braided look. “This is a modern version of Victorian hair - but in a very minimal way. From the centre-part through to braid, it’s strict and uptight,” says Turner.

The How-to:

· Mix together Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra mousse and Tecni.ART Pli and apply in sections to prep the hair.

· Comb in a strong, strict centre parting.

· Blow-dry super-straight to achieve a luxurious finish and mist with Infinium Pure.

· Start a braid below the ear at either side, gradually linking in hair from the top of the head down to the nape of the neck.

· Join the hair length left in the middle by linking the two side braids into one low and neat central braid.

· Braid through to the very ends and secure with an elastic so it looks ‘pinched’.

· Smooth on a small amount of Mythic Oil to enhance shine on top of the head.

· Fix by spraying with Infinium Pure strong hold hairspray.

The Pro Tip:

Do this braided look with a friend and open a bottle of wine, like Fanny and Stella might have done. This style is a two person job - while one braids, the other needs to retain the smooth, flat head shape.

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ROKSANDA The sophisticated woman

James Pecis


The Look:

Natural, textured waves with some density. “We’re accentuating the natural waves in the girls’ hair. And if they don’t have waves, then we’re cheating it,” says Pecis. 

The How-to:

· Saturate the hair with Tecni.ART Pli and dry in the product from roots to ends as a base builder

· Layer on Tecni.ART Liss Control from mid-lengths to ends to add separation and weight to the hair.

· Divide hair into three sections to create three low braids - one at the back and one each side - securing with super-low ties to stop kinks.

· Loosen out each braid slightly and massage the hair for a soft, rounded shape to avoid an obvious zig-zag effect.

· Clamp a straightening iron gently down each braid and leave them to cool and set.

· Take the braids out and add subtle S-waves to the ends using a straightening iron for a natural look.

· Fix with a light spritz of Infinium soft hold hairspray.

The Pro Tip:

Don’t tie the braids too tight to avoid an ‘obvious’ wavy look. Loosen and pull them out slightly after securing - massaging the braids will give you more of an organic feel.

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BORA AKSU Nomadic Braids

Tina Outen


The Look: 

Low twin braids with a weathered, lived-in look. The imperfect

finish is a nod to travelling and plays on each model’s individual

length and texture.


The How-to:

· Create a super-clean parting to the crown and apply Tecni.ART Pli to the top section.

· Create low twin braids (with a loose, imperfect parting), Loop both braids and secure with super-fine pins to hide the elastics. Leave the ends loose and apply Tecni.ART Depolish to separate and feather the tips.


· Spray on Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz to give light hold to the final look.


The Pro Tip:

Play on the weathered look by spritzing Tecni.ART Pli over the top

Section for lightweight, airy texture. Use a brush to exaggerate any loose, baby hairs.

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Tina Outen 


The Look:

This is beachy texture that looks like it’s wet but it’s dry. It’s

all about business on the top and party on the ends,” says



The How-to:

· Overload the hair with Tecni.ART Siren Waves to mould the crown through to the top of the ears and create a clean, tight

head shape.

· Layer on Tecni.ART Air Fix to the top section to mattify and add ‘stiffness’, then dry off.

· Create the beachy texture through the lengths with Tecni.ART Bouncy & Tender Styling Cream

· Diffuse dry.

· Detail the ends with Tecni.ART Extreme Splash so the hair looks sea-dipped.

· Finish with a light mist of Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz to seal the hair.


The Pro Tip:

Make sure you’ve shaped and textured the hair exactly as you want it when you’re applying the Tecni.ART Bouncy & Tender Styling Cream. Once the hair’s dry and

set, it’s tricky to change it.

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PALMER HARDING Wet-look hair with a dual texture

Cristian Pignatta

Cristian Pignatta at Neville Hair & Beauty

The Look:

Slicked-back, wet-look hair with a dual texture. “It’s a wet to dry fade, as if she’s walking in the rain and embracing it. There’s a rawness to the texture,” says Pignatta.

The How-to:

· Prep the hair with Tecni.ART Pli and remove any frizziness by smoothing with a brush.

· Slick the hair back and tuck it behind the ears to set the shape at the crown.

· Mix together Tecni.ART Glue and Tecni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash and apply section by section with a tint brush at the crown to achieve the wet look.

· Diffuse dry the lengths to enhance any natural waves and use a curling tong to add random bends for a feel of rawness.

· Counteract any shine on the ends with Tecni.ART Super Dust, massaged in with fingertips where required.

· Spray on Tecni.ART Ring Light Spray to exaggerate the high-shine wet look.

The Pro Tip:

For believable dual texture hair, make sure the graduation fades from wet to dry. Use a tail comb to graduate the product from slicked back roots to textured lengths.

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DAVID KOMA Super-chic and sexy

Tina Outen


The Look:

Beautiful, lightly waved hair with a strictness to the sides that’s controlled away from the face and neck. “It’s beautiful, blow-dried hair but we’re dishevelling it slightly. There’s not a lot of bounce or curl, it’s a fluid wave,” says Outen.

The How-to:

· Apply Tecni.ART Liss Control to the lengths and ends of your towel-dried hair for memory.

· Spray Tecni.ART Air Fix throughout the roots to achieve a tightness at the sides and neck.

· Blow-dry the hair and pin up to set.

· Dab Tecni.ART Super Dust at the roots to create slight dishevelled details at the crown.

· Pin hair across the crown to hold and use a large tong to achieve loose waves.

· Seal the hair and secure the sides with a spritz of Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz.

The Pro Tip:

Blow-dry your hair from wet so that the products are invisible in the final look. Don’t skimp on the prep products - they’ll give your hair memory and hold to make the waves last longer.

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Adam Reed


The Look:

The ‘Calm Down’ textured knot that’s worn-in and modern with an ethereal feel.

“This is anti-statement hair - I think overdone-ness is overdone. We’re doing everything with hands to maximise textures,” says Reed.

The How-to:

· Brush Tecni.ART Beach Waves through the hair using fingers to sweep it back.

· Wet fingers with Tecni.ART Savage Panache and layer on for texture.

· Using fingers, pull the hair back into a mid-head ponytail, securing tightly with 3mm elastic.

· Double layer on more Tecni.ART Beach Waves to give the hair structure and control, particularly if hair is thicker. 

· Use a hair net and diffuser to dry the product in gently.

· Twist the ponytail length into a soft knot, securing with two to three pins positioned behind the elastic.

· Take the hair net and fix as a headscarf to set and hold the windswept front section.

· Remove the net and loosen up baby hairs at the hairline and nape for a soft, undone feel using Tecni.ART Pli and a boar bristle brush for detailing.

The Pro Tip:

Less is more. Let your hands do all the work to avoid an ‘overdone’ look. Work the products through with fingers to maximise the texture of the hair, and use the warmth of your hands to dry in product.

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NATASHA ZINKO Supporting sustainability

Tina Outen


The Look:

Keeping with the muse of working with pre-used materials, Outen repurposes the existing product in the hair. “The look is very lived in, slept in and worn in” says Outen.  “We are recreating a look that has layered product over product each day, this girl works with what she’s got. It is a very free easy style.”

The How to:

· Generously apply Tecni.ART Spiral Queen mousse on to mid-lengths and ends of dry hair.

· Hand dry the hair with a diffuser and piece of mesh to utilise the moisture in the mousse and bring out the natural movement and wave.

· Layer Liss Control, use to define, detail and pinch into the ends to give a ‘lived in’ texture.

The Pro tip:

Work with existing product in the hair to get a real ‘lived in’ texture – it’s not always about starting from a clean base, mould existing product to prime for the perfect, imperfect finish.

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