NATURAL LOOKING FINISH Luminous colour and shine

If your colour is looking a little dull or you are looking to enhance your luscious locks, then a hair glow service is the right choice for you.

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2019 COLOUR TREND What is Hair Glow?

NEW TREND: Translucent permanent colour for high shine and cool reflects. 


A hair glow service is designed to give you translucent and luminous colour results from a permanent hair colour. The service gives you a neutralised finish to bring out your inner hair glow. Inspired by the glow trend in the beauty world, glow is all about enhancing your natural glow for healthy-looking hair that shines. Think a “halo” effect on hair and dewy skin. The Glow service will capture that radiant look that has taken the beauty and skincare world by storm for a natural-looking, luminous colour result. A glow service provides high luminosity and shine to give you gorgeous hair days, every day.



1. Enhance your natural colour

2. Natural looking translucent and luminous colour

3. Personalised mutli-tonal cool cover

4. Low maintenance

5. Suitable for all hair types


If you’ve noticed warm tones appearing in your tresses or if your regrowth is starting to come through, or perhaps you just want an extra boost of shine then HAIR GLOW is for you. The techniques are endless and the maintenance is low. From balayage to highlights, to covering white hair, the glow service is perfect to give you a subtle yet translucent and luminous sheen to your hair.


Is it suitable for all hair types?


Yes, it is suitable for all hair types.  Chat to your stylist to find out what options are available, to enhance your locks and make them shine bright today.  

NEW GLOW TECHNOLOGY High shine, cool reflects


Hair glow is exactly what you need to bring out your inner hair beauty whilst giving you a cool, natural-looking results. It will help to neutralise warm tones while adding shine to your locks.


The Glow service brings out the natural vibrancy within your hair, for long-lasting, luminous results.


Glow is perfect for all types of clients: whether this is your first time to colour, have previously coloured hair or looking for a subtle colour refresh. 


Ask your colourist for your Glow service today using L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel Glow. And, if it is white hair coverage your are after, ask for L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel to cover your greys and give you a more opaque result.


NOW IN SALON Ask for Majirel Glow

Get glowing with L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel Glow Service to put the shine back into your tresses! Chat to your stylist to find out what options are available, to elevate your locks and make them shine bright today.