The Next Generation of Blonde begins with BLOND STUDIO 9 LEVELS

Blond Studio 9 combines high lift and improved hair cosmeticity. No more compromises. The next generation of blonde has arrived.

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No compromise:9 levels of lift meets improved hair cosmeticity

The new Blond Studio 9 Levels Lightening Powder is a high performance formula that lifts your hair up to 9 levels and provides optimal neutralisation. With its creamy texture, Blond Studio 9 levelsimproves your hair cosmeticity and is ideal for both natural and coloured hair.

You can expect 3 Key Benefits by using Blond Studio 9!

1. Maximum Performance

2. Accelerated Lift in Early Stages of Lightening

3. Improved Hair Cosmecity*

*vs hair before bleaching
A powerful formula designed by professionals for professionals
Thanks to OIL-BASED DEVELOPERS that Concentrate and Boost the lift, as well as having the most powerful combination of lightening agents, Blond Studio 9 levels allows you to create a subtle balayage or go full platinum blonde. Discover our 3 blonde services below.


If you want the SAME AS USUAL


Give your hair that sophisticated Parisian Look with subtle faded contrasts. 

Additionally, you can enhance it with a Golden Ashy Blonde Gloss!


For a Bit of Change


Take it a step further with a gentle lightening and complete it with a Pearly Gloss!


If you want a New look


Go all out with a seamless Platinum Blonde look with a Frosty Gloss for a shiny fashion result!

The Professional Review

Mike Decanter

5 stars on 5

Perfect for clients with darker bases so it will work really well around clientele have a lot of warmth in the hair


The Secret to French Balayage? It's Gloss!

And to complement the perfect balayage with Blond Studio 9 levels, Neutralise the result, Personalise the blonde, Bring shine & take care of the hair, with Dia Light, the only* acidic gel-cream for optimal glossy lightening.

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