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Alessandra Ambrosio

Meet our Spokesmodel

With her finger always on the pulse of the fashion world, Alessandra Ambrosio was an obvious choice for us. The Brazilian supermodel, iconic “Angel” of a famous lingerie line is a key influencer today. Whether as a top supermodel, a committed campaigner or gracing the covers of fashion magazines, Alessandra Ambrosio has become a role model for many women.

Alessandra Ambrosio will be the face of our new DIARICHESSE HI-VISIBILITY. Her #NOFILTERCOLOUR look is perfect for those style conscious, time starved women, looking for the most shiny and visible reflect with minimum commitment. No filter needed.

Alessandra Ambrosio with long red hair taking a selfie

DIA RICHESSE HI-VISIBILITY is the brand’s low commitment tone-on-tone hair colour, designed to give ultra-visible shiny colour results even on dark hair. Enriched with direct colourants, this ammonia free formula delivers exceptional results to add to or enhance natural colour and comes in five new shades that suit a variety of bases. This fast impact, highly visible colour will satisfy the selfie lovers with a need for their hair colour to pop in every light.

DIA RICHESSE HI-VISIBILITY has a swift development time in salon of up to 20 minutes that will reach out to the those busy consumers looking for maximum impact colour with minimum commitment.

Alessandra Ambrosio with long dark red hair

We met Alessandra and she told us everything about her new look & her hair routine

What importance do you give to your hair?

Most of the time it’s what people see first. So I take the greatest care of it.

Have you ever thought about changing colour?

I’ve tried other styles but I’ve always come back to this look, which is for me. I only go to my colourist once or twice a year. She has been looking after me for a long time and creates these sunkissed tones that go well with my shade of brown.

What is your hair routine?

Every morning, I use a volumising shampoo and conditioner. Once a week, I do a revitalising treatment. On my days off, I don’t dry my hair, it’s a hairstylist’s tip.

How do you style your hair for evening?

I really like to stay simple for my dates, keeping my hair straight. But when I go out with my friends I like to add curls from time to time.

What do you think of your new DIA Richesse Hi Visibility colour?

This product is vibrant and gives my hair a cared-for and glossy appearance. Dia Richesse Hi Visibility is hair colour that is neither permanent nor high-commitment. It is radiant and leaves no visible roots, which means that all women can use this hair colour.